Monday, 23 March 2015

Ajinnah Yousuf Jinn Amal

1.Fast during a thursday
2.Dress in all white with black turban
3.Apply perfume over ur self which has no alcohol involved in it
4.Sit inside hisar protective circle
5.Light a Red spiral candle
6.Keep a lamp filled with olive oil nd put a wick in it and keep near your side
7.Take grave dust from grave site before 6pm
8.240 pieces of Kali Miri(Black Pepper Seeds)


During thursday get into a secluded place wer yu wont be disturbed by anything
at sharp 12am get inside hisar reciting (Ayatul Kursi nd Darood Shareef) and keep reciting
"Ya Raheemu Ya Latheefu"
20,000 times nd it shud end by 4am thts in 4 hours

While reciting You shud put these black seeds in the fire pot in front of yu
You shud hv to sprinkle grave dust in ur amal room
Then keep reciting the given ismu of Allah within then bfore 4am as u finishd
the given count Ajinnah Yousuf will appear bfo you in human form
and he will provide you with the easy way to call him back and give yu a code
and will be under ur control for a life time(Insha Allah).

Note: Ijazat-e-Amal shart hey.