Friday, 13 March 2015

Wazifa For Enemy

If you have a fear of any enemy…..or from anyone who wants to harm you in any way do the following until the threat is gone away.

In fajr salah in the first rakat of the sunnet read Surah Alim Nasrah and in the second read Surah fiil. Both once only

Insallah your enemy will be defeated by Allah himself. He will not be able to harm you in any way. Keep on doing it until enemy is defeated completely.  

Wazifa For Enemy-2 

If any one is trying to harm you especially a non muslim you can do this and with few days he will stop or disappear from the area.

Surah Inam ayet no 45.

Read it non stop for few days and then see how it works.

If you did it for wrong reasons it will work opposite. Will harm you instead. Be careful. 

This is a Jalali Ayet. Do not smoke and do not eat onions or garlic. No smell should come from mouth and you must be in wudu at all times if possible. You can read it without wudu but you must be clean physically.

Wazifa For Enemy-3

If your enemy is creating problems for you . This will save you from every thing.

Same time every day read 

Darood/Selavat 11 times

Surah Rehman Ayet no 26,27 “Kulo mun alaiha fan….till……zuljilale wal ikram.... 144 times

Darood/Selavat 11 times

Then do a sajda and make a dua in sajda.

Do it for 12 days. With in 12 days he will either applogise to you, or will stop being a enemy or will leave the area for ever.

Wazifa For Enemy-4

If you have an enemy who is creating problems for you, especially if he is a non muslim. Do this wazifa. This is a jalali wazifa. Please do not do it under no circumstances for wrong reasons.

For 11 days after Esha Salah

Darood/Salavat 5 times

Read “Ya Jabbar-o (Allahs name)………..121 times

Darood/Salavat 5 times

While reading the wazifa think of your enemy. Insallah  your enemy will be defeated by Allah himself.