Thursday, 12 March 2015

Wazifa To Increase Your Rizk

After every Salah/Namaz without talking to anyone

Ayetal Kursi once

Surah At-Talak (Quran Surah no 65) Ayet no 2, and 3, from “Wa mun yat ti killah ho…..till…. kad Ja aa lal la ho le kul ley shey in kadra.” :…………once

Surah Fatiha once

Surah Ikhlas 3 times

Darood/Salawat 3 times

Then do a dam (Blow) on the sky

The reader of this Wazifa will get the following: 

Allah will take his soul himself directly. No angel of death will come near him to take his soul.

Allah will send his soul directly to heaven without any hisab.

In life his rizk (income) will always be very big. Will never have problems with money.

His grave will be very wide.

He will die with Iman 

To Increase your Rizk 2: 

According to Quran our Prophet Rasullul lah (Sallal laho alihe Wa aalehi wa sallam) is present every where and especially in the houses of all muslims.

When a Sahabi complained about being poor the Prophet Rasullul lah (Sallal laho alihe Wa aalehi wa sallam) advised him to the following.

Every time you enter the house whether it is empty or not say in loud voice

As salam o alikum wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhoo

Read any Draood/Salavat once

Read Surah ikhlas 3 times

Allah will increase your rizk immensely. The Prophet Rasullul lah (Sallal laho alihe Wa aalehi wa sallam) said even if you enter the house 70 times in a day do this procedure.

You must do this all in loud enough voice. Such a easy way to becoming rich and no effort is required.